Saturday 16 July 2011

Beer People are Good People

I had a great night at the Brewdog IPA Wars night, but one of the best things about it were the people there.

From the beer staff that i know, to the Great friends that i turned up with.

But it was also great to meet some of the folks from twitter that ive never met.
So imagine my surprise when one of them said, "Heh ive brought you a beer."
That immediately put him into my favourite category of people. Those that have a beer for me.

Well obviously he had me pinned to a T. He knew of my Love of New beers, and had put a lot of effort into finding a beer i probably hadnt had. Better still he actually managed to pull off a tricky feat. He managed to get a UK beer that i really wanted. So thanks to @AdamSh  for the Black Sheep Imperial Stout.

This is what makes beer people so cool. This isnt the first time this kind of thing has happened to me, and i hope ive managed to be as generous in return.


  1. I just bought a bottle of that myself from the vineyard in Belfast!

  2. Well im a big Imperial stout fan, so i can but hope its a nice as i expect. Great to see its Headed to Belfast, as until i got the bottle. I hadnt seen it in Edinburgh