Friday, 4 November 2011

Session 57 - Guilty Pleasure

Well first off i dont feel guilty, but i think i should.

In my ratebeer profile i had listed a beer that i realy wanted to try. Now thats fairly normal ive got lots of beers i wanted to try listed, but this one was special. It was there because of all the horrible things id heard people say about it. It sounded so bad that it just had to be tried. Currently its in the Bottom 10 beers on ratebeer, and its the lowest scoring beer ive tried.

So a short time later 9 beers arrived in my ratebeer Secret Santa post and one of them was this special beer. Now i didnt get round to drinking it for almost a year, what with how horrible it was going to be, and that fact that it came in a 48oz (660ml) can. So i really needed to wait till i got a few people together so i didnt have to suffer alone.

The moment came at a tasting in London,  where about 30 people going to be in attendance. It just seemed the perfect opportunity. Only one thing went wrong. I liked it. I really did. Now its no world class beer, but i really quite enjoyed it and in fact i scored it 3.5/5.0. And i am the Highest scoring person of this beer amongst those with more than 100 rates.

So what is this beer. I doubt you really care, but take a guess and come back on Monday to see if your right.


  1. Oh. Dear.

  2. Oh well done, i suspect you researched rather than guessed. But let me stand by my rating, I wanted to hate the beer, but in the end i couldnt.