Thursday, 23 August 2012

Brewdog Thank Their Shareholders

Now i've always had a love/hate relationship with the Bad Boys of Scottish brewing, They make some cracking beers, and they fair helped speed up the opening up of the wider beer market, But they have often gone too far in some of there marketing and i down right loathed their attitude to Cask beer (My preferred dispense method)

But never before have they shown such disdain to there biggest fans than with the Sale of the Limited Edition BA Tokyos.

As always this was offered first to their shareholders. You know those people who invested in the Company. It was explained that it was an expensive beer and very limited so it would cost a lot. In fact £24 pound a bottle.

Now thats a lot of money for a 330ml bottle, and as many say you can choose not to buy it. I However  choose otherwise and did indeed buy them, and you know what it turns out that i bought them at the 'Special' price of £24. Because they have been seen in shops for way less than this, rumour has it as low as £14 and  given that the shops will be making there own profit as well Brewdog must have been selling this for considerably lower.

Turns out Shareholders are now being rewarded for their contribution to the Company by being offered Beer at a higher price than can be picked up in some shops. Thanks for that Brewdog. Its nice to know you valued our contribution,

Update 24-08-2012 : Brewdog said today "This was a simple admin error. We invoiced trade customers at wrong price by mistake."  Well thats as maybe be but im still pissed. Shareholders still ended up paying well over the price other had the chance to purchase at.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Dont let me talk too much

but the temptation is definitly there to witter on about Witterfest.

Ryan Witter-Merithew  is an underknown American Brewer currently operating out of Denmark, He brews for Fano, but also under the brewery name Grassroot, but on top of all this he is trusted to brew for both Mikkeller and Evil Twin.

However one person who know the calibre of Ryans brewing is James of Brodies fame, and while i dont know how the event came about, it has come to pass that Brodies is hosting Witterfest. A showcase of Ryans beers on Cask and Keg. Now this could not be being held in a better place, and any one who does not know my LOVE of Brodies should go read this, and this could not be happening at a better time as Ryan has just announced that he is upping sticks and moving to London.

The event is Scheduled for Sunday the 19th of August. Start time i think is 11am (though pub usually opens at 12. So any one turning up early should confirm this)

The beer list is looking good (and Ryan will be there to talk to anyone not too smelly) and should be as below, subject to the normal conditions.

Fanø Oyster Stout - 3.7% - Dry Stout brewed with fresh harvested oysters

Fanø/Tired - Hands Tuff Ghost - 8% - American Wild ale aged 10 months in Brunello Red wine barrels with 3 different strains of Brett.

Fanø - Havgus 2.7% - Session strength IPA

Fanø/Hoppin Frog - Natasha Rocks Denmark - 7.5% - Hoppy American Stout

Fanø Dr.Owl - 3.7% - Grisette

Fanø/Cabinet Artisanal brewhouse - Bitter Amendment - 4.5% - Saison with Brett inspired by English Bitter

Fanø Batch 300 Imperial X-mas porter - 10% - Imperial Porter with Coffee, Vanilla, Cinnamon, and oak chips

Fanø - Gorm - 10% - Imperial Milk Stout with 3 different types of Chocolate. Nibs, Powder, Dark Chocolate Chunks, and Vanilla.

Fanø - Chocolate Lava - 10% - Imperial Chocolate Stout with Chilies - CASK

Fanø/Mikkeller/Stillwater - Barrel-aged Gypsy Tears - 8.5% - Stout fermented 100% with brett and aged 6 months in Brunello Barrels

Stillwater - Premium 45 - 8.5% - Belgian Malt Liquor. 50% Corn and Massive dry hops of Galaxy, Citra, Kohatu

Stillwater/Mikkeller Rauchstar - 10.8% - Imperial Smoked Red ale

Cigar City - R&B Smokeout Stout - 7.35% - Lightly Smoked Stout

Grassroots - Keep on cruising buddy - 3.2% - Berliner Weiss

Evil Twin - Sønderho Hipter ale - 5.7% - Pale ale aged in white wine barrels with Brett for 5 months and Dry hopped with Cascade

Evil Twin - Molotov Cocktail - 13% Triple IPA

Fanø/Brodies - Old Dog, New Tricks - 4% - Collab super hoppy Session ale.

Mikkeller -Cù’t Cà Phê Bia Brodies Edition - 11% Imperial Stout with Coffee, Coconut, Vanilla. CASK

I do hope i see you there, but as i need to rush off about 2pm to get the Kids home(as they have school the next day), dont expect me to say more that "hi" and "Yes i would like a beer. ive not tried .... yet"

Ps. I added the smelly proviso, not Ryan :-)