Thursday, 23 August 2012

Brewdog Thank Their Shareholders

Now i've always had a love/hate relationship with the Bad Boys of Scottish brewing, They make some cracking beers, and they fair helped speed up the opening up of the wider beer market, But they have often gone too far in some of there marketing and i down right loathed their attitude to Cask beer (My preferred dispense method)

But never before have they shown such disdain to there biggest fans than with the Sale of the Limited Edition BA Tokyos.

As always this was offered first to their shareholders. You know those people who invested in the Company. It was explained that it was an expensive beer and very limited so it would cost a lot. In fact £24 pound a bottle.

Now thats a lot of money for a 330ml bottle, and as many say you can choose not to buy it. I However  choose otherwise and did indeed buy them, and you know what it turns out that i bought them at the 'Special' price of £24. Because they have been seen in shops for way less than this, rumour has it as low as £14 and  given that the shops will be making there own profit as well Brewdog must have been selling this for considerably lower.

Turns out Shareholders are now being rewarded for their contribution to the Company by being offered Beer at a higher price than can be picked up in some shops. Thanks for that Brewdog. Its nice to know you valued our contribution,

Update 24-08-2012 : Brewdog said today "This was a simple admin error. We invoiced trade customers at wrong price by mistake."  Well thats as maybe be but im still pissed. Shareholders still ended up paying well over the price other had the chance to purchase at.


  1. To be honest, I don't understand how you can make such a massive 'mistake' like that. I use invoicing software at work and it's simple. Are they doing it manually? If so, someone clearly told the employee doing the invoicing that it should be sold at that price. Besides, even if (s)he accidentally pressed 14 instead of 24, surely they would've read over it and thought "Hmm... that's not right".

  2. Surely everyone knows what they are like by now? If you dislike BrewDog’s antics, but continue to give them money, you only have yourself to blame.

  3. Barm, you'd think id learn i know, but there still making some good beers, and i was a big fan of the Tokyo.

  4. Through a variety of incarnations BrewDog's shipping and fulfilment process has been a bit of a shambles - to trade customers as well as us shareholders/plebs. I'm not surprised by this error...

    I didn't buy the Tokyo highlands... just too bloody expensive for an unknown. There are a lot of great breweries out there, I's prefer spread my "craft" pennies around more.

    Gone are the days where I shoot off an order for every special release. There are too many, they really don't feel so special any more. Same with ABs... I've hit AB-overload. Like being a shareholder, feels much less special these days after EFP2 and with rumours of an EFP3. I think it is the early-adopters that feel bitten the hardest by this sort of thing.

    But yes, they still brew some excellent beers that are worth buying. Paradox Jura by the case ;) From the times I've met them everyone at the brewery has been an absolute star too. It's hard to be too down on them.

  5. Oddly i hated the Jura :-) but yeah i think ive had it with the AB's: may pick up ones i see, but not sure i will sign up again

  6. Great thing about beer: diversity - one man's nectar of the gods is another's piss & bile of the devil ;)

  7. Having lost my Login details, I can't check at the moment - but does anyone know how much Brewdog shares are being "traded" for on the Equity for Punks board?

  8. As far as i know there no price, and no real way to trade the share yet