Sunday, 11 December 2011

My Golden/Bitter Half Pints 2011

Well looking at my Golden Half pints blog it was clear that I love Big Dark Beers. Ok this in nothing new to me or people who know me, But i dont just love these beers, so i thought i would cover the same ground with other styles, working with an arbitrary maximum abv of 5.5. Not everything has a runner up as i didnt have enough of that catagory for there to be anything else standing out. In fact i know ive had several good bottles and Cask(all of which id happily drink again) at under 5.5% but i have found this much more difficult to write than the original piece, on the whole these beers just while Damn good just dont WOW me, in the same way.

Best UK draught (Cask or Keg) beer(stout):
Winner:  Northern Deep Dark Secret  (Deeside Talorcan)
Runner Up: joint   Bushys Oyster Stout (Cairngorm Black Gold (Cask))

Best UK draught (Cask or Keg) beer(other):
Winner:  Camden Town Inner City Green  (BrewDog Edge)
Runner Up: joint Stewart Number 3 Spice (Namyslow Plum)

Best UK bottle or canned beer (stout)
Winner: Exeter Darkness 
(Old Chimneys Black Rat Stout)

Best UK bottle or canned beer (other)
Winner: Brodies Wimbledon (Brodies Wimbledon)

Best Overseas bottle or canned beer
Winner: nothing  (New Glarus Raspberry Tart

Best Overseas Draught beer
Winner:Nøgne Ø Aku Aku Lemongrass Ale
(Pilsner Urquell Kvasnicový from brewery Cellar only)

Best Overall beer
Winner:  Brodies Wimbledon (Deeside Talorcan)

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