Monday, 13 May 2013

Bash Your Haggis

Now not much has inspired me to write of late, but this forthcoming event has got me excited, and those that know me will know just how big a "FanBoy" i am when it comes to Brodies.

In discussion James from Brodies said he wondered how he was going to make next years Bunny Basher better than last years, to which i quicky replied "Thats easy, just hold it in Edinburgh"

Not particularly funny or clever but i was more puzzled by his reply. "You might be closer than you think but cant say more just yet"  But less than TWO hours later it broke that Brodies were to hold a multi pub event in Edinburgh.

If i knew all James needed was 2 hours to arrange a Brodies Event in Edinburgh id have asked him years ago.

So first off, if you don't know anything about the Brodies home pub you should go read  this

But for those of you in the know, you will no doubt be as excited as i am over the thought of Brodies Haggis Basher.

From the Information ive gleamed from twitter (and i will update as i get more info) It would appear to be a multi pub event held in Edinburgh on the 10th of July 2013, with the Pubs looking to be "The Cask and Barrel Southside", "Brewdog Edinburgh" and "The Hanging Bat"

There will be a mixture of cask and keg with likly upwards of 20 NEW brodies beers, Top amonst these is a Blueberry Version of their Sour, Now all the Brodies sours have been pretty cool, but the small taste i had of the Blueberry was out of this world and  will clearly be, one not to be missed.

Also mentioned is the intriguing  White Chocolate, White pepper, White Stout but their are no real details on this one. While fans of the Big Mofo Stout and Red wine will no doubt be drooling over the Rioja barrel version of this collaboration.

So while details may be thin on the ground at this stage there is no doubt in my mind that this could well be the unmissable Edinburgh Beer event this year.


  1. Mid-way through the Edinburgh Independents' Festival and the same night as the third Natural Selection beer is launched. That's going to be some night! Can you do twenty thirds? ;-)

  2. Yeah its gonna be tricky. Im gonna try get a babysitter so i can bring my wife out to babysit me.

    I also suspect i will be back Thursday night for any other i can retry:-)

  3. Haha, of course - one night just won't be enough

  4. Wish we were coming out on the wednesday night now!