Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Rate the Rater

Off the back of another interesting post from  here

I got thinking, just what do brewers think of my Rates.

I know many are flawed, I know many are done from small samples. I  also know that I go back to beers I love time and time again and rerate. But most of all i know I really enjoy my beer life.

Every new beer is an adventure, a mystery waiting to be unfurled. Now there are a few brewers that hold no mystery any more. I can pretty much predict what its going to be like and on the whole I avoid them, unless they are placed in front of me.  But even some brewers that I've long found very middle of the road can come out an produce a beer that certainly make my top beer of the month, if not year.

So here the chance for brewers to rate my reviews.

I suspect some of my friends may be tempted to send comments in  and that cool. But I am seriously interested in what brewers actually think of MY  reviews. So anyone can comment, but please state if your a brewer. So i can see if there are any difference in opinions there.

To keep it all nice and anonymous goto https://www.guerrillamail.com/compose choose a unique non persistant email address and email your comments to cgarviereg@yahoo.co.uk

I will follow up with a post if i get enough feed back. So if you dont want quoted (not that i will know who you are) but if youd still rather not be quoted just say so in the email.

Note Gorilla mail needs no setup. It creates instantly a temporary account(lasts 2hours)
Or leave anonymous comments

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  1. Raters Gonna Rate.
    Shite/inconsistently excellent brewers gonna hate.