Monday, 15 December 2014

Going in Blind

The Bow Bar in Edinburgh had a Blind Dark Beer Festival where they had 26 different Stouts on across several weeks across their Cask and Keg line.  You tried a beer and gave a mark out of 10 for that beer and submitted it to be averaged with all other score.

The results are seen below.

But what interested me was how i scored blind (using Ratebeers system) against  my existing RateBeer Score.

So in Winning Order I tried

22 - Pilot Mochaccino:  4.3 against existing 4.2
17 - Cromarty Brewed Awakening 3.9 against existing 3.8
24 - Fyne Sublime 3.9 against existing 4.0
 5  - Loch Lomond Silke 3.6 against existing 4.0
 8 - Brewdog Brixton Porter 3.1 against existing 3.5
 4 - Orkney Dark Island 2.6 against existing 3.8
10 - William Bros Midnight Sun 4.1 against existing 4.2
 2 - Guinness 3.0 against existing 2.7

Im please to see that with the exception of Dark Island no score was Way off and that half of them were within 0.1 of original Score.
More interestingly the one score that was way off was a Keg version against a beer i would normally have in Cask.

I was also interested to see that despite my worry that my general feelings towards  Brewdog in this one case at least hasnt effected how i score their beer, and in fact i scored it lower blind that my existing score.

and who would have thought Guinness is better than i thought.

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