Sunday, 1 February 2015

USA vs the Rest of the World Part 2

This time i took 4 Beers and ONE HUNDRED random users, ignoring any with less than 10 or that country wasnt clear.

Beer 1  Three Floyds Dark Lord Russian Imperial Stout  USA average 4.25   ROW average 4.28

Beer 2  Westvleteren 12 (XII)  USA average 4.44   ROW average 4.41

Beer 3  Samuel Smiths Oatmeal Stout  USA average 4.0  ROW average 3.79 

Beer 4 Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (Bottle/Can)  USA average 3.73  ROW average 3.53

Interestingly the Highest Regarded beers showed no real difference but the other 2 beers showed about a 0.2 difference in favour of US rating

In everycase there were more US raters: 66, 59, 79, 68 repectivly

Now again while it hints that there maybe a small difference i dont think this proves anything. But it does make me want Database access that would allow a much more in depth look

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