Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Welcome to ME

Doesn't every one blog. Some times they seem to. So maybe its time to jump on the bandwagon that left serveral years ago.

But mostly its because sometimes twitters just not big enough to say what i want. Now i don't promise to be interesting. Hell i don't even promise to blog often. But i do promise to drink beer. But thats more a promise to me than you.

So who am i.

Well do you know.

I could do with finding out.

What i do know is a drink good  beer and probably more than i should. It all started back at college where i discover real ale. Now ive always liked variety in life so discovering the wide range of cask ales was a delight. For many years i sampled a good range of UK ales nearly always halves as that way i could try more of them. Rarely leaving a pub unless i had had a half of each. Then my downfall. I discovered Ratebeer.com and that led to a discovery of a whole new world of beer.

This has led to 2 distinct drinking styles. One my relaxed Drinking of old. Often nipping into a pub at lunch time for a nice half, or opening a bottle at home with the wife. The other my 'ticker' head. Now i dont like the word ticker as it implies that i just drink and tick. I like to think i consider what i like and dislike about each beer. But with this 'ticker' head on (usually at big tasting and festival) i can often try only 25ml of some of the stronger beer, sometimes having about 80 in a day. Now some may argue that this is no way to drink beer and guess what i probably agree. But what it does allow is me to try beer that ive a good chance of never seeing again. Forming a reasonable accurate opinion of the beer and then spend good money getting a bottle of the better one for more careful consideration.

Well there you have it. Thats me.

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