Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Sun will be out tommorow

Or at least I hope it will.

Ive almost had my first full calender month of the Solar panels. So heres the  Month 1 Report.
From an average day in February for a system of my size and setup based in Edinburgh should supply 3.84 Units a day.

So day one was a whopping 7 units and everything looked promising. I then had a few disappointing days before logging a whopping 8.5 units on Feb 7th some more poor days and then a 8.8 (our best since records began) immediate followed by 0.8 (our lowest since records began) and then it went all down hill. By the 20th I had only had an average 2.87 a day nearly a whole unit less per day. Next few days were ok but did nothing to get my Average up. But the last few days forcast was looking good, and so it was on the 24th I managed a respectable 7.7 and then on the 25th a 7.5 then on the 26th I got a new record of 9.5

This morning I got off to the best start with the most units prior to 9am and the skys to the west was pure blue, absolute perfect, but by 11am the clouds had moved in. Still this wasnt enough to ruin the day and I managed to score a great  but not record beating 9.3, taking my Daily average back right on track. Spot on at 3.84.

So now were looking to see if I can beat Feb average, but its all down to tomorrow. So here hoping that the sun will be out tommorow.

Assuming an Average day tommorow that will give me a Total of 108 Units, assuming half of these units were used and half sold back to the Grid, I have generated a first month profit of  just over £51 pounds, and is 4% of my projected Yearly total.

Next report at the end of next month. Will I manage to Average 6.8, only time will tell.


  1. For a while there, I definitely thought you were talking about units of alcohol.

  2. £51 pounds is not bad - even with winter conditions your getting your money back: 50 * 12months * 25 years. Roll on the summer days and high pressure weather for the profits!