Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Stewart Coconut Porter Launch

ok im gonna try blogging as i go with randon updates, and lots of spelling mistakes.

so do check back for more info later .

just arrived. sitting down a ,n hour early with Blair whos also here early. incidently he 1 of my 3 did you get that 3 follower. man im famous.

ive got the hopped up IPA from stewarts in front of me.
nice crasp glear golden amber ... thin white lacing ... huge lemon zeztyness ... little sulpherus sugesting its maybe still a little green ... sweet resiny rich lemon zezty hop ... rich fruits ... lots of hop ... really liking this one rate score 7 3 8 4 16 = 3.8

So off to a good start

next up is Stewarts 80 . This was originally brewed for one pub in edinburgh to replace Mcewans 80 when the cask version was pulled, but has now spread far and wide .

deep copper red ... thin bubbly off white head ... dark rich sweet plum and cherrry toffee roast nose ... dark rich woody ... dark cherry fruits ... light sweeet roast .... this is just my kind of beer 4.0

bring on the coconut porter

ok again i think this is again a little too young and will get better with a little more time to breath
dark red black ... thin tan head ... little sulpherous nose ... light chocolate .... light coconut nose ... dark choolate ... light roast ... definite coconut linger ... light earth husky coconut ... finish ... well i think this is ok... not stunning but think it may well be uch better after 1 or 2 more days conditioning... and personallly an extra percent or to o ABV might have helped 7 3 8 4 15 = 3.7

but boy the events a sucess. places is mobbed .. and there a great crowd of the beer geeks out.

Post event round up.
While it wasnt clear when i first arrived just how many people were there for the Launch event, this soon became clear when the announcement that the porter was commencing.
Suddenly the bar was 4 deep and about a dozen wide. 1 memmber of staff was just pouring pint after pint while the others served punters from those she had poured. Unfortunatly for @beerCastRich when he got to the front he was right in front of the handpull and this turned out to be the worst location as he was never being served what with the staff member in front of him busy pulling the pints. But eventually he got the round in (thank man) and we all got sunk in.

All told they sold 18G in just over 1hour. Which is some going in anyones book.

 But the best bit is seeing Steve continue to inovate in ther beers. Its great to see the dried hop version of his IPA, the winter spiced #3 at bow festival and the Amazing Chilli reekie that MUST appear in mini cask its good not to. But better yet hes clearly keen to keep the new beers coming on top of whats a great Core range. His #3 is a great malty  bitter and one of favourite beers.

Lets hope we see many more beer

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