Thursday, 31 March 2011

A Light March

was what i was hoping for and a light March is what i got.

The  estimation site Estimated March at 6.8 units a day or 211 units for the month. All told i averaged 7.97 units a day or 247 units for the Month. Which works out at £118 for March about £18 above what was estimated. In other good news, it looks like the feed in tariffs are due for there yearly inflation increase and if i have understood correctly the Tarrifs will rise by 4.8% from next month from 41p to 43p a unit generated.

As we move into the summer months once again i set a new maximum for a day at 17.7units on the 24th of March. The Lowest day ever was also recorded in March at only 0.4 Units on the 12 of March, however we had about half an inch of snow the previous night, and the day remained overcast. So the fact the enough snow melted to generate even 0.4 units was a surprise to me.

All told the performance of the system has been slightly better than the estimation site and considerably better than the figures that i used for my cost analysis. So we have one happy green bunny. Let hope the Sun continues to shine.


  1. March was a VERY dry month this year!

  2. yeah your right it probably was dryer than normal, though we did have some fairly wet days up here