Thursday, 10 March 2011

How many is too many

In an effort to get more comments in my blogs :-) Today im asking

How many beers is too many to have at home.
How many do you have, are they for drinking, ageing or trading.

I'll start off. Ive got way to many, and they fall into all four categories. About 33% of them are for drinking,
mostly single bottles of different beers, but 4 or 5 of my Favourite beer that i like to have a few for those days i just need a familiar beer.
About 5% of them are must share beers. This is probably only 3 or 4 different beer but ive usually got a dozen or so of them, to make sure that i can share them with people who have never tried them.
About 55% of them are trading beer, beer that i think people across the pond might want.
Then theres about 15% of them ( i know that dont add up to 100 but thats cause some fall into more than 1 category) that are ones that im trying to age.

But the problem is not so much how many i have, but that i seem to buy them faster than i drink them. With an ever growing number of ones laying down to age or storing for trading.

Has beer taken over your house. Along with the huge pile of trading boxes it has mine.


  1. i have 3 bottles of beer in my house. 2 are new Bracia for ageing and the other is Wheat Stout (which I brewed at Crown) 2.5 years old

  2. well make sure you keep some of the new brews. Its always interesting to see how beers hold up to a few years

  3. I've got less than two dozen beers in the house. about ten are brewdog beers for ageing or possibly trading at some point and the rest are for drinking. The ones for drinking are a mix of beers i've never had before and a few that i've got for when i just want a beer i don't have to spend time thinking about.