Saturday, 5 March 2011

The Session #49 -Regular beer

Well i haven't been invited but im guessing it ok to Gate Crash a session so here goes. As i fairly active member of ratebeer and an individual that has always liked variety, I very rarely drink more than a half of anything in an Evening and i very rarely drink the the same beer twice in a month.

The beer world is massive, and while i nip to the pubs a few lunch time and drink in at home most evenings, usually if the choice is there it will be something new. There are beers i will drink again when i see them but id not go so far as to call them regular, and sticking to my preference there almost all stouts or porters. These would be beers like Mauldons Black Adder , or Deeside Talorcan , even Cairngorm Black Gold all of which are great pub pints. Then there are beers id love to see again such as Stewart Chilli Reekie  or Highland Old Norway but again These beers are only ever going to be drunk on a as they appear bases. 

So when i think of a regular beer i tend to think of a beer i would always have in at home and buy regularly. An for me in the end this comes down to an easy decision. It not a beer i drink every week but its a beer i would hate not to have in the house, its a beer that i love to share with other people, and its one of my Favourite beers and its Old Chimneys Good King Henry Special Reserve  .
Well i may be a little odd in choosing  a 9% beer. But it is probably the beer i drink most often in any given year. Ok its not a regular every week beer but i dont have a single beer i would want to drink every week. As i started by saying, i like variety. Variety is the spice of life. Im glad that i see new beers ever week, but im also glad that my local pubs get the great cask beers that im always happy to see again. But if i had to choose one beer to drink for the rest of my life it would be the Good King Henry Special Reserve.

So there you have it. I put forward as my Regular beer a 9% oak aged Stout. Im happy with my choice and i look forward to the next time i fancy a bottle. I'll toast you all, and toast regular beer whatever that means to you.

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