Friday, 22 April 2011

Angel Share Grand Cru

Every tasting from now on, i hope to focus on one beer and get every ones opinion of it ...

This tastings beers is Lost Abbey Angel Share Grand Cru

Craig :
deep brown black ... thin lacing ... sweet woody chocolate ... hint of sour nose ... tart sour woodiness ... again hint of chocolate  ... raisins ... some balsamic vinegar ... oddd ... not really me... 4/10

Stella :
nice ... quite sour .. lots of raisins ... some balsamic  6/10

Yeast, some marmite Character , lots of raisins 7/10

Sevare :
I wouldnt drink a half pint , too raisiny, bit meh. 4/10

Blair :
 Mouldy raisins and ovaltine, vinegarete 7/10

Some Sherry Characteristics, some sangria soury tart red wine tones, quite light body , little pink grapefruit 7/10

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