Sunday, 24 April 2011

Who Blogs the Bloggers

Well Ive got the Avery Brown Dredge in front of me, and i though that it would be wrong not to blog about the "Bloggers" beer.

Now im not a fan of Lager in any shape or form, so this one doesnt hold out much hope for me, but there only one way to really know and thats to crack it open.

So looks. Its golden amber with a huge white bubble head...  though the head is fairly short lived ... dropping down to a thin white lacing.

The aroma is sweet fruits...  juicy orange hop ... light grassy lager hop... all told ok but not great. 

The body is light oil ...  light soft carbonation... little chewy ... i quite like the body

Flavour is light bitter hop front ... juicy orangey fruits ... light caramel malts ... quite grainy ... little sweet ... and quite hoppy ... light bitter linger ... quite a lot grapefruit in the linger

All told this is not my favourite beer by a long way ... but the oily bitterness ... along with the fairly heavy hoppyness and the fact that its not to grassy mean that all told im happy drinking it. Though i wont be rushing out to try another.

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