Thursday, 18 August 2011


Well being a morning person, up early and head for a 7am breakfast, typical me i arrive 10 minutes early and have to hang around outside awaiting it to open, but a quick Breakfast and back into Earls Court for just after 7:30. All is quiet at this time with mostly just a few security staff wandering the building. But there's always plenty to do. First off Glass wash, there always a good number of dirty staff glasses hanging around, so quick clean uo there, and then onto mopping up, The cooling units have a bad habit of leaking water. So theres often big puddles of water. So out with the mop and get stuck in. Then about 9am more staff start turning up, and its time to restock the fridges, and having sold all the limited stock beers rearrange to fill up the empty spaces, and were all ready for the new day. Just a quick 30-40 minutes serving to cover the first rush, and then onto packing the large number of beers ive bought

Then its off to join the rate beer crowd for another fun day drinking, This is where Earls court comes into its own, it no "Pretty" venue but it is BIG so theres enough room to wander round without too much trouble. Taking in the sites, bumping into people, finding food, and hunting down the beer that takes your fancy.

All told i had a great day drinking UK cask beer, and while the beer selection is a bit staid for my tastes, i think the selection meets the requirements, as many of GBBF visitors are not beer geeks and many are not even Cask drinker, so the selection is i think deliberately very middle of the road, to appeal to the broadest spectrum. All told i had a great GBBF, until i went and droped my phone and smashed the LCD screen, and so it was that a very GRUMPY Craig left earls court for the last time, (and i for one will miss it) draging his beer behind him

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