Thursday, 7 July 2016

Children in Pubs

Ok im not gonna make appologies for the fact im quite militant on this issue, BUT in no problem with this nice blog from Tandleman

But i thought id follow up just why i feel like i do.

I suspect it all started when i first realised how different the UK was from the continent. When ever i asked if kids were allowed in a pub on the continent i always got a funny look that took me a while to realise was they just didnt know why i was asking compared to the UK where i often got turned away from 2-3 pubs before i found one i was allowed in my my Kids in the UK.

So i started to think on this issue more. The more i thought the more i came to think that in the UK its plain and simple AGE DISCRIMINATION.

Now dont get me wrong, some of my favorite local pubs dont allow kids, and i understand some of their concerns (and some issues are totally out of the pubs control) but i still think their wrong.

Children like any group are not all the same, and grouping them together and making a blanket decision is judging by stereotype, and i think thats wrong.
Good well behaved kids should be just as welcome as good well behaved adults, and just because some kids misbehave doesnt mean that all kids should be banned just in the same way that pubs have to deal with drunk misbehaving adults yet dont seem to ban all adults.

Yes its harder for pubs to deal with problem children, and i think thats the problem, some choose to ignore the issue and let it continue, some choose to bar all kids. But neither attitude helps. But if pubs took the same approach to Problem adults half would close and the other half would not be where most people i know want to go. So if parents threaten to go else where let them. If a drunk causing trouble said well im not coming back, would the pub care

Yes kids bring extra problems but they also bring extra business. Im the Profit heavy soft drink, maybe even  extra on the crisps plus what ever the parents are also spending.

I think the reason Children ale welcome on the continent is that Children are expected to behave. We can only get there if venues expect and insist on that behavior, and well behaved kids should not be discriminated against because some venues cant be bothered to demand their patrons behave.

I hear many arguments,and while i am not saying its on the same scale its got echos of part discrimination.

My patrons dont like kids in the Pub. Just like we used to hear about no women in public bars, of the Infamous No blacks, or Irish signs of guest houses.

Why dont we have some that are and some thats not (well apart from the trouble of finding which are and which arnt) this just strikes me of the racial segregation of US buses.

But my biggest problem, is not with the Pubs that choose not to have children(much as i dislike it and disagree) It with the Bloody Stupid licensing authorities that say, no Children because a pub doesnt have baby changing facilities etc. As i parent i have changed my childrens nappies in all sorts of weird place (and no thats not on a restaurant table). I learned to do this on my knee in a toilet cubicle the back seat of my car etc. So i dont need some random body deciding im not allowed in some where based on a facility i might not need, and can manage without. Esp as half thee time the same councils have been closing public toilets right left and center.

Its easy to discriminate against children as they have no real voice in society but that still doesnt make it right.

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