Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Toddler Tantrums

As a parent I’ve seen a few, and the one thing i quickly learned is not to give in to them, that just encourages more.

The Last few days I’ve seen what i considers toddler tantrum from Labour MP's

Ever since Jeremy Corbyn won the leadership contest there’s been a steady undercurrent deliberately undermining him, and all reports suggested that no one could beat him in a 2nd leadership battle.

So knowing they cant win, what they have resorted to is a tantrum, doing as much damage as they can  knowing that neither Jeremy or the Labour party can stop them.

Then when a 2nd leadership election is called, members are left with a stark choice. Replace Corbyn and hope the tantrums stop, or Re-elect him and face further damage by the Tantruming Toddlers, sorry MPs to the Part.

I personally home the members stick by their guns and Re-elect Corbyn cause nothing ever good has come from giving in to a tantrum.

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