Monday, 6 June 2011

Why must i choose, Mummy

Brewdog are once again doing their best to drive a wedge between lovers of Great Beer.

This time by organising beer festivals to clash with Both Aberdeen and Edinburgh CAMRA festivals.

Now im a CAMRA member and i love REAL ale. But i also like lots of US style beers including many of them from Brewdog. Ive drunk Brewdog Bars from their Start. Ive tried more of there beer than any one i know.

SO when they use statement like
"This weekend you could spend your time drinking fizzy yellow liquid cardboard, or you could drink dull, bland Ale, each one tasting more boring than the one before. However, at BrewDog we think that sounds unbearable so we are laying on an alternative. "

It just annoys me. The implication is that all other Brewers suck bar them and its just not true.

and why do the Shout "No Cask Ale" like thats a great thing. If its such a great thing when why do their all time heroes "STONE" sell Cask beer in their bar.

and why "No French" thats just plain Racist. Is that the Image they want to portray.

All told I find this behaviour childish. They sound like a divorced parent Demanding that their Child Choose Mummy or Daddy.


  1. If they annoy you, stop buying their beer. Otherwise you're just rewarding their fuckwittery.

  2. The problem is i like quite a few of their beers. They dont have a monopoly on good beer in scotland that they like to claim, but they do have some great beers.

    This is my biggest bugbear though. From both sides. There no need to drive a wedge betweeen sections of the beer market. Their beers are good enough they dont need to resort to these tactics. Sadly i dont see that stopping though

  3. I like some of their beers too. Nonetheless the pleasure I get from drinking them has long since been outweighed by the irritation I feel at their ridiculous and insulting antics. I'd rather give my money to the other great brewers in Scotland, the ones who don't act like pricks all the time.

    I don't want to help finance BrewDog's bullshit machine. It's helping pay for world-wide propaganda against other UK brewers. Count me out.