Wednesday, 1 June 2011

May the Force be with Me

As for sure i didnt want the Dark side, and Man was May another great month for my Solar panels.

Now May is the peak month of the year according to the Prediction tool mentioned in previous blogs. All told i should expect to get 395 units or 12.7 a day. So when the first 4 days average 23 units a day we were off to a great start.

Over the Month the highest i got was 23 units on the 4th and the lowest 5.3 on the 25th, followed by a 5.8 on the 26th

All told i got 514 units. 30% over the prediction. So another Great month.

May was also a great month as i received my first payment. This covers the period 26th Jan(installation) to 13 May and was for a total of 1006 units for which i received payment of £451.19. Now this figure doesnt include any saving i have made through not having to buy electricity but this is impossible to calculate as i only measure what i produce and not what i use or export(Supplier assumes export of 50% and the £451.19 figure includes payment for export of 503 units(£15.60) However i suspect i exporting more than this. So i have assumed i used about 25% and this would include a saving on my electric bill of £27.61 for the period

This brings my Total takings for the period (108days) to £478.80 or £4.44 a day

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  1. Good stuff. Very hot May and an imminently hot June and July should see figures increase. Not bad if you think your own solar panels can contribute significantly to a holiday or a lot of beer trades.