Friday, 27 May 2011

What might have been

Well today should have been the my Last day drinking in Denmark if it hadn't been for that Damn Ash cloud.

So i though id look back and review three beers that might have been.  Now i havent tasted these beers, i havent even seen them, but this is how i imagine they might be.

The First beer is a variant of one of my favourite beers, Dark Lord. On at Mikkellers bar on Wednesday night was Three Floyds Vanilla Bean Brandy Barrel Aged Dark Lord Russian Imperial Stout.

It poured a deep deep black with a thick creamy dark tan head ... Smell is sweet dark roast malts ... big chocolate and a large amount of brandy spirit... body is thick and viscous... Rich dark chocolate ... big meatyness ... heavy sweetness ... long deep chocolate malts ... lots of brandy... little rough ... little  too much brandy for me... Nice but i much prefer the original  8 4 8 4 17 4.1/5

Next up is a beer thats been was produced a decade ago, and was available at a friends tasting and thats  de dolle stille nacht reserva 2000

It pours a dark brown ... huge loose foam off white head ... dark sugers ... roast malts ... little yeast and some spiced nose ... little fizzy despite its age ... dark heavy roast malts and dark fruits .. plums and cherries ... orange peel and cloves ... nice  and held up well but not wholy my thing  7 3 8 4 16 3.8/5

and Final a beer at the festival its zero alcohol and its Nogne inferial stout

Pours a deep black with thin tan head ... very sweet roast malt  ... hint of cola ... light chocolate nose ... bodies a bit thin ... sweet roast ... light toffee chocolate ... quite complex and quite a lot lot of flavour for 0% ... light dark chocolate linger ... all round pretty decent. 7 3 8 2 16  3.6/5

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