Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The day the sky fell in

Well here i am sitting at home. I should be in Denmark. In fact i should have been bottle shopping having picked up 40 bottles of Danish goodness to take home. I should now be at my friends house getting ready to hit the Mikkeller bar. Id been looking forward to seeing the Mikkeller bar, it sounds great. But things looked even better when i heard there was a 3Floyds event , and then started to drool when i  saw the tap list.

* Amon Amarth Ragnarok (8,2%) – Imperial/Strong Porter
* Bourbon Behemoth (12,5%) –  Barley Wine
* Dark Lord (15%) – Russian Imperial Stout
* Dreadnaught (9,5%) – Imperial IPA
* Hell’s Black Intelligenser (6%) – Coffee Stout
* Owd Engwish (10,5%) – Barley Wine
* Rabbid Rabbit (7,4%) – Saison
* Ruggoop (9,5%) – Rye Wine,
* Vanilla Bean Brandy Barrel Aged Dark Lord (15%) –  Russian Imperial Stout

For those of you who know me, know how much a fan of Darklord i am, so to see the Ultra rare Vanilla Bean Brandy version nearly had me wetting my pants.

Then tommorow i had a tasting arranged y a friends with some great beers, followed by 2 days of the ├ślfestival 2011.

But oh no none of that was to be. The Ash cloud appeared, disrupted Edinburgh for all of Tuesday, but things were looking better for Wednesday and indeed things were much better on Wednesday. Only one flight was cancelled on Wednesday and that was my flight. Thats right MY flight. I tried to rebook, but because of Tuesdays disruption there was no available flight until Friday. Not much use as i had to be home on Saturday.

so can i just say Balls

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