Monday, 9 May 2011

Pubs and Kids

Loving beer, having Kids doesnt always mix. At least in the UK. For some reason unlike civilised  Europe, we seem to have a problem with allowing Kids in Pubs.

This can be really frustrating. Now dont get me wrong, i dont like kids running wild in Pubs, but nor do i like drunks causing havoc. Pubs seem to mostly manage the drunks quite well, so why they think its more difficult to manage kids ive no idea.  Now i know its not as simple as that, there are some damn stupid legislation about what facilities you need to have if you allow kids, effectively banning kids from some pubs, though the pub and the parents might both be perfectly happy.

Ive found when travelling that pretty much Wetherspoons is your saviour. Im fed up trying half a dozen pubs in a new town, constantly being told , NO CHILDREN. So no i pretty much just head to a Spoons. I know we will get in, i know i will find a decent beer or two, and i know that the food while not great is at least edible and cheap.

More frustratingly until very recently it was pretty much only spoons i could goto with my kids in Edinburgh. Though if you were eating the Guildford Arms does allow kids above 5. However the New Brewdog Bar allows Children up to 8pm.

And so it was on the Afternoon of the Royal Wedding i found myself in the Brewdog bar with the wife the kids and a  few friends. We sat drinking a few great beers, having some very tasty pizza, one with a nice and spicy sauce, and best of all the Bar games entertained the kids. With Christopher taking a liking to battleships. All told we stayed an hour longer than i intended as the kids were being so well behaved. And thats an important thing, I wouldn't stay in a pub if they kids are not behaving, or if there bored etc. But Just because we have Children doesn't mean we don't want a good beer. So here to the Great Pubs out there that allow Children


  1. Did you let your little ones try a Nanny State or would that be taking it too far?

  2. They havent had the Nanny state. But they did try Mikkeller Kids beer a few years back. They didnt think much of it though.