Sunday, 8 January 2012

Oh for Nogne O Sake

I know many of you are Familiar with the FANTASTIC Nogne O Beers, but Nogne do more than just Beer.

Nogne are the ONLY European producer of Sake, and damn fine Sake at that. So if you havent tried any sake, or enjoy sake, do yourself a favour and look out for the Nogne O sake that James Clay have brought into the UK.

Go hunt it down, for Nogne sake, My sake and your sake.


  1. I shall track it down as it's bound to be cheaper in UK than in Norway. I really like the use of the Sake yeast in Red Horizon & think that exploring different yeasts is on the cards for the brewing industry. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. I know Mikkeller did a yeast series, but i failed to get hold of any of them :-(

    Red Horizon was interesting and pretty nice, but i prefer the black out of the horizon series.

  3. i will come to try some at yours first ;)