Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Ready Steady Brew

Reading this Blog about the brewing of beer from cupboard Ingredients

I couldnt help but think of Ready Steady Brew.

So any Homebrewers out there fancy brewing me one of these and sending me a bottle :-) and we can have a beer head to head.

Ive come up with some ingredients that should come in under a fiver and you can use any ingredients from your Standard Home brew cupboard.

First off ive come up with 5 alternatives, so lets put it out to a vote for any reader to say what they would rather see, and next Monday i will announce what set of ingredients is open for anyone interested  to brew with.(im looking at you Benji and BeerCastPaul but other people welcome to join)

1) Oolong tea, lemon and honey

2) Oolong tea, and chilli

3) Black tea and Cardamon

4) Black Tea, Black Pepper

5) Asapargus and Black Pepper

Just add a comment with your vote. Im hoping any brewers will vote at least. But if not, i will just choose one and force Benji to brew me it :-)

Oh and of course any Real brewers are welcome to do a full run :-) hehehehe


  1. It was a toss up between 2 and 3 for me with Oolong tea and chilli just edging it out. Maybe chuck it a few cardamon pods for good measure. I think I'll just give you run of the spice rack and pantry. I can see this working best with 4 people max, with an extra pot or two : ) 1 mash but several different boils so you can throw what you like in your own 5L brew. I'm definitely up for it.

  2. which blog? I think I'd enjoy two most too, though asparagus would be intriguing!

  3. Oh, i was thinking of leaving it much more open than that. one could be a stout an another a pale ale as long as they use the chosen ingredients.

    We also have 1 vote for 3.

  4. Well spotted Steve, ive fixed it to link to the blog

  5. Friends of mine made a porter with smoked black tea Lapsang Souchong soaked in whisky. It tasted great.

    5 has the biggest change of becoming shitty beer, hard bet. So I vote 5.

  6. I'm up for this, i vote for Number 2....when do we start???


  7. Cool ideas! Tea beers have always intrigued me, but what has stayed me is the concern that the tea might result in quite a high polyphenol/tannin profile in the finished beer. I've used tea to add tannins to my meads in the past. Be advised that recipes should account for this. :) That said, #s 2 & 4 sound intriguing. NZ @Heriot-Watt MSc Brewing & Distilling

  8. Ziggy i know nothing about brewing. Hell all i really know about beer is what i like and dislike :-)

    But my vague understanding of brewing is that you use hot water at some point. Id brew the tea first and use that as the hot water.

    Or Add the tea in a mesh bag and only leave in for 5 Minutes or so.

    As overbrewed tea is rank :-)

  9. You do add hot water at several points during the process, and you boil the wort, so there are at least two places in which tea could be 'hot steeped.' I'd be reticent to use tea instead of the regular water because it might have some unexpected effects in the mash. Some of them might be good, however! Alternately, you could add the tea to the secondary conditioning vessel and get a cold steep, which wouldn't extract so many tannins but should give a nice flavor (kind of like the summer unboiled 'sun teas').

  10. dont go giving all your secrets away