Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Ready Steady Brew : The ingredients

Ok the bag of ingredients for the Ready Steady Brew is Choice 2 Oolong Tea and Chilli

Can anyone interested in brewing this let me know (if you havent already)
I will pay postage on at least the first 5 who want to post up a bottle for the tasting.

But even if you want to just brew it and write about it i will cover your brew in a roundup of the event.
We are aiming for a July tasting (date nearer the time) as homebrewers have told me that should be enough time to allow people not to have to rush.

Let the Brewing commence.


  1. WELL up for this. What are the rules on extract vs all-grain? I'm happy to do all-grain but will have to use someone else's facilities...

  2. errr. Pass i know nothing about brewing, So as the first post said, use those 2 plus anything in your normal homebrew cupboard. I Recon your ok, but you'll be up against all grain i suspect.

  3. cool. just keep me informed if you do find time :-)