Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Magic Rocks

Im a huge fan of Penn and Teller, and if you havent seen there most recent show "Fool us" you should take the time to hunt it down.

But this isnt really what i want to blog about today, What i really mean to say is "MagicRock" Rocks.

As my previous blog mentioned Magic Rock had an Open day for the Europeans Beer Bloggers Conference, and I crashed the event.
(It got much busier than the picture shows but i was too busy socialising by then)

Surprisingly we were not the first people there, but only just, so we got a great look round before the crowds appeared the first thing you notice is the "Magic" Rocks.
 It turns out that the name isnt just a cool brewery name, but actually based on the "magic" rocks being sold at the same location.

But we were not there for the Scenery, but for the beer, and man were Magic Rock generous, a pallet of glasses was just sitting there and we were told to help ourselves to the Beer from the newly fitted tap system.

True to form, i took the time to try ALL the beers and i have to say that the Dark Arts was as good as always, but the surprise of the day was the Human Canonball, I am not sure if it has improved since i last tried it, or if I was just  in the right mood for it that day, but it was cracking. Huge juicy hop, clean crisp and refreshing. Tours were on offer, as well as the Magic Rock guys mixing with the crowd to answer any questions or just chat and then there were Burgers, and its hard to beat a Beer and Burger Combo, especially when the beer was that good.

It was great but as at nearly all beer events, but its the people that make it go from great to awesome. Not only was it good to catch up with all the guys at Magic Rock, but it was good to catch up with lots of people i know from twitter, both those ive met before and but especially those i was meeting for the first time, its always nice to put a face to a name. Plus one guy even turned up with 2 unexpected beers for my tasting group, Man i love beer people.

And then at 12:40, the carnival arrived in the form of a Bearded Lady, and not just any old Bearded Lady.
Man was she pretty. Dark as night, Rich as Creosote , as lovely as a very lovely thing, with a degree in delicious, from the university of adorable.

Plus it was FREE, and if theres one thing better than FREE Bearded Lady, thats FREE BOURBON BARREL Bearded Lady and this was indeed that lady.

All told i can see why Magic Rock has gone from strength to strength, and the strength of turn out at a brewery that was only 1 year old was fabulous. All told it doesn't surprise be that their beer must be flying out their door. Why else would they need a flying Van.

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