Saturday, 12 May 2012

Vintage Brewdog: Can the old Dog still bite

This Wednesday (16-05-12) im planning on holding a vintage Brewdog tasting. Ive sorted and catalogued my Brewdog beers going back to their very earliest beers.

Lined up we have

Paradox 001 or 006 (these are the same cask but im lead to believe 006 was 2nd time though barrel)
Paradox 007
Avery Brown Dredge
Royal Virility Performance
Hello my name is Ingrid
Tokyo 12%
Divine Rebel 2010
Nanny State 1% vs vintage 0.5% (dont expect these to have held up well)
Alpha Dog
Vintage Chaos Theory
How to Disappear Completly
I Hardcore You
Basha Highland Park and Black Raspberry

I think this is a pretty good cross section of Brewdogs history and am really looking forward to seeing just how well many of these beers have held up.


  1. Should be a fun evening. I've got most of those too which I intend to share with friends at some point. I've also got some Divine Rebel Mortlach and TM10. I'd be interested to know if the Bashah is the favourite on the night.

  2. yeah im really looking forward to it, not got any TM10 i had to beg the Tate shop to post me one.

    So i could keep my brewdog 100% rating count