Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Why i wish i was at European Beer Bloggers Conference 2012

This can be summed up in three words Pilsner Urquell Kvasnicový

Yeah, those of you who know me may be surprised after al its a lager, and everyone knows that i am no lager lover, in fact you could say that i am really not fond of lager at all. However this is no ordinary lager.

While the normal Pilsner Urquell maybe a massed produced industrial lager, this version bears so little resemblance to the mass produced beer that its next to impossible to believe its the same beast.  I dont know if there is anymore to it than the fact that it is unfiltered and aged on wood. But be that the only difference or be it that some magic happens that i am unaware of. This is truly a world class beer.

Hazy yellow with a  big white head, it has a  very fruity nose, soft body with low carbonation  loads of tart fruity hoppiness, big juicy pine and grapefruit flavours with a big drying linger, a very very drinkable beer.

All told I would love to drink this beer again, and that is why im disappointed not to have make EBBC 2012

Though rumour has it that this version may make it across to the UK, However rumour also has it thats its only 4 cask every 2 weeks. So don't expect to just find this down your local.

But if you hear its in town, or even the next town over, get there, don't stop to think, don't even take the time to take a deep breath, and whatever you do don't blink, just jump in the nearest taxi, after all it may not last long and you don't want to miss this one.

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  1. It was very nice - soft and extremely easy to drink. Reminded me of the unfiltered German lagers I just discovered in Berlin. If they sold this, I would buy it all the time...