Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Rangers Fiasco

Earlier today i tweeted that i had the solution to the Rangers Fiasco, and that was to just to fold the club and transfer al the fans to Celtic.

However about an hour later i can a call from Celtic Manager Neil Lennon saying that they didn't want them, they didn't like their tunes, they can't sing and most of all they smell.

So that left us with a problem. But i thought i had the solution. There were plenty more clubs in Scotland.

So i tried my home town of Dundee first, Dundee United said that Blue doesnt really go with Orange and migth just cause confusion all round, Dundee said that their really  not used to dealing with more that 20 or 30 fans and that the influx might cause some problems. Aberdeen agreed at first but after trying to talk to a few of the fans said, "They'd take them but only if they learn to speak English".

That the left the 2 Edinburgh sides and odd they both agreed but with the same condition. Both clubs would agree to take all the fans except "Robert Peterson" and "Michael Smith" and insisted that the other side take those 2 individuals as part of the deal, Now ive no idea who these 2 guys are or what they have done but neither side was prepared to take them and once again the deal fell through.

So it  turns out it may not be as simple to solve the Ranger Fiasco as i first though

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