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BSF at GBBF 2001 USA Cask Beer Bar

USA Cask Beer bar:

Draught Beers:

American Beers:

Fluxus 2011: French Style Farmhouse Ale
Fluxus 2011 is a French-style farmhouse ale. The resulting beer is a medium amber coloured ale with a smooth lager quality. The aroma presents a complex earthiness and toasted grains, balanced by a fruity candied grape character. The full body highlights a rounded maltiness accentuated by both nutty notes, and spicy hop flavours. The finish is surprisingly dry with a wine-like character and light tannins.
Wonka Porter
Chocolaty aroma with coffee notes. Lots of roasted malt in the flavour, more chocolate and a bitter coffee finish.
Ballast Point
Habanero Sculpin IPA
A spiced up version of our Gold Medal winning IPA. Habanero Peppers are added directly to the cask for an extra kick!
Ballast Point
Sculpin IPA
Sculpin IPA showcases bright flavours and aromas of apricot, peach, mango & lemon. The lighter body also brings out the crispness of the hops.
Pamola Xtra Pale Ale
Brilliant clarity, bright golden in colour. Pours a nice creamy head. Subtle malt and hop aroma. Crisp, clean, effervescent start with a touch of malt character and a balanced bitterness. Hop flavours linger nicely. Finishes clean, crisp and dry with a light body.
Smoked Wheat ale brewed with Cherry wood smoked malt.
Elk Lake IPA
Soft and fruity aroma with hints of grapefruit and citrus. A medium maltiness with more grapefruit and pineapple flavours and a dry, bitter finish.
Metolius Golden Ale
This golden-coloured ale closely approximates a lager in its crisp, dry palate, low hop aroma, light body and light malt sweetness. The finish is very clean with a lingering subtle fruitiness.
Big Horse
MacStallion Scotch Ale
A deep walnut coloured ale with hints of smoke, dried fruit and alcohol. Low on hops, high on malts.
Blue Corn Café
Road Runner IPA
Dry hopped with Columbus, Centennial & Amarillo hops, it has a fragrant citrus aroma & a snappy hop character.
Blue Point Brewing
Hoptical Illusion
Brewed with a generous amount of a rare hop which is grown exclusively on one small farm in Oregon. It is added five different ways for maximum hop flavour. The delicious, resiny, citrus-burst that you taste is the “Essence of the Hop” which is balanced by a malty backbone yielding an intense, golden ale.
Mojo IPA
Pale in colour, but packed with flavour, Mojo reflects the perfect balance of hop bitterness and malt character. The use of Amarillo hops gives this beer a big citrus flavour.
Planet Porter
Planet Porter is a remarkably smooth ale. The generous use of Black malt gives this beer a hint of coffee.
Oatmeal Stout
Rich and luscious flavour, complex beer with lots of caramel and roasted malt notes.
Brewers Union 180
Wotcha (a la Chinook)
This batch of Wotcha is part of a series of pale Best Bitters in which the aroma/finish hop is altered per batch.
Hop Czar Imperial IPA
Brewed with three different malts and four hop varieties. Hop Czar has a deep malt background with enthusiastic citrus and floral notes paired with uber hop bitterness.
Brooklyn Brewery
Brooklyn Ale
A chestnut coloured pale ale with a hearty malt palate and smooth hop finish. Brewed using Maris Otter malt, an old malt variety that yields an incomparable biscuity flavour.
Cape Cod Beer
Cape Code IPA
India Pale Ale the way it ought to be, bold and hoppy! This aromatic rich golden brew attacks quickly. A big strike to your taste buds followed by a lingering blend of citrus and subtle malt undertones that leaves your mouth anxious for another delicious sip. Dry-hopped with Chinook, Centennial and Cascade.
American style Pale Ale.  Aggressively hopped with Galena and Centennial hops and dry hopped with Centennial.  Light malt backbone supports hop flavour and aroma.
Chama River
Centennial Pale Ale
Brilliant amber American IPA.  Citrusy aromas, biscuity malt flavour with a strong hop balance. Easy-drinking, crisp, clean and hoppy beer.
Clipper City
Big DIPA Double IPA
Triple hopped during the brewing process with 5 pounds of hops per barrel. Very well balanced with an earthy hop aroma and strong malt backbone. This cask has been dry-hopped with Simcoe, Amarillo, Centennial and Palisade.
Clipper City
Loose Cannon Hop 3 IPA
Triple-hopped American IPA: hopped in the kettle, in the hopback, dry-hopped in conditioning tank and finally dry-hopped in the cask. Well balanced with a rich hop flavour, citrus aroma and smooth finish.
Clipper City
Plank 1 English Style Olde Ale
This English Style Olde Ale is matured on thermally modified Poplar wood. The cask has been additionally dry hopped with Northern Brewer and Fuggle hops. The base beer used in Plank I is special in and of itself, utilizing 8 types of specialty grains.
Cricket Hill
Colonel Blide’s Cask Ale
A tasty, moderately hoppy, easy to drink beer with an orange marmalade hue with a frothy, off-white head. An herbal hop aroma with a hint of lemon and pine. This beer is not overly bitter, with orangey citrus and pine hop with slight earthy notes!
Mirror Pond Pale Ale
A classic American Pale Ale. Mirror Pond uses generous quantities of Cascade hops, offering a lush floral aroma with a balanced malt body.
Devil's Backbone
Barclay's London Dark Lager
Collaborative brew with beer historian Ronald Pattinson re-creating a rare London 1930 Barclay Perkins dark lager using a copy of the original brew log. Deep ruby brown in colour with rich malty notes. A recreation of an early English lager before they became pale and bland.
Double Dry Hopped Venom Pale Ale
A moderately bitter, but heavy flavour and aroma hopped American-Style Pale Ale.
Everybody's Brewing
Bro Brah Bitter ESB
Traditional Style Extra Special Bitter. Beautiful ruby red in colour. Hints of candy sugar and nuts provide the sweetness. Cluster and East Kent Golding hops provide the spice. A very balanced beer.
Everybody's Brewing
Country Boy IPA
A clean and crisp IPA with some great grapefruit citrus and grassy notes. Centennial, Chinook, and Cascade hops provide the character of this North West IPA. A lager malt base with a touch of a light crystal malt are there to provide a touch of balance.
Flying Dog
Snake Dog IPA
An assertive American IPA bittered with Warrior and featuring Columbus hops in flavour and aroma. This cask is dry hopped with Amarillo enhancing the tropical fruit and citrus aromas of these varieties.
Fort George
Cavatica Stout
An immense, bold, black as night, American stout beauty; Cavatica Stout defies easy style categorization. It is not a dry Irish Stout, nor is it a sweet Foreign Export.
Franklin's Restaurant, Brewery & General Store
Brewmaster Flash and the Furious Five Hops
IPA with Amarillo, Cascade, Centennial, Chinook and Columbus
Golden City
Mad Molly's Brown Ale
An award-winning English Northern Brown Ale inspired by the infamous brewery wench, Mad Molly. You'd be mad too if you served ale all day without a single drop for yourself, hence the origin of the age-old adage: Tip your wench well, lest she go mad".
Goose Island
Honkers Ale
Inspired by visits to English country pubs, Honker’s Ale combines a fruity hop aroma with a rich malt middle to create a perfectly balanced beer. Immensely drinkable, Honker’s Ale is not only the beer you can trust but one you’ll look forward to time and again.
Green Dragon
Buckman Village Smith T
A refreshing brew with added tanginess of Assam Black Tea from Smith Tea. The beer is reminiscent of suntea brewed on the back porch with the malt adding a subtle sweetness.
Green Flash
Palate Wrecker Double IPA
Brewmaster, Chuck Silva came up with a new method to make a Double IPA by performing a double brew to make a single beer. First there is a single infusion mash and subsequent boil at 65 IBU with Columbus and Centennial hops. Then a second duplicate mash using the 65 IBU wort instead of water and a second 65 IBU boil using the same hop schedule. The result is a higher gravity beer with kettle caramelizing in place of crystal malts and an elevated hop flavour and bitterness that might not be achieved with the same amount of ingredients in a single brew.
Green Flash
West Coast IPA
This West Coast-Style IPA is extravagantly hopped, full flavoured, medium-bodied and copper coloured. Hops used include Simcoe for fruitiness and grapefruit zest, Columbus for strong hop pungency, Centennial for pine and citrus notes, and Cascade for floral aroma.
Harpoon IPA
Harpoon IPA dry-hopped with Simcoe.
Biesl Lager
Traditional Vienna-style lager brewed Vienna and Munich malt base and Noble Tettnang hops.  Dry-hopped with Tettnang.
Hazel Dell
Red Zone
Generous amounts of crystal and Munich malts account for the colour and full, malty flavour, while Perle hops provide a strong hop bouquet.
Il Vicino
Wet Mountain IPA
A perfect blend of Cascade, Centennial, and Northern Brewer hops gives this IPA a robust flavour. A lush hop character is layered with rich malt undertones create a tasty, satisfying ale. Tawny-hued and aromatic, this is a beer you won't soon forget.
La Cumbre
Vanilla Bean Mal Pais Stout
Our Foreign Extra Stout with a whole fresh Papua New Guinea vanilla bean added directly to the cask.
Censored Ale
Roasty and malty copper ale with a nice hop finish
DogTown Pale Ale
Hoppy and fully flavoured American Pale Ale.
Lazy Magnolia
Southern Pecan
Nut brown ale, brewed with roasted pecans, aged on wood chips.
Left Hand
400 Pound Monkey
An English-style IPA using hops of a different colour, earthy and herbal, well balanced by bready malt.
Left Hand
Black Jack Porter
Black Jack's initial slight sweetness is followed by roasted malt flavours. A blend of dark chocolate and espresso fills the palate and then yields to an incredibly smooth, surprisingly clean finish.
Golden IPA
This strong ale sports a rich gold colour, an aroma of sweet malt and clean hops, and an earthy, fruity flavour.
Lowell Beer Works
Brookline Weizen Bock
A strong, German-style hefeweizen with a deep copper colour and aromas of banana and clove.
Lowell Beer Works
A free-form rusty-red ale brewed for strength and complexity. Brewed with over 97 pounds of malt per barrel, three yeast strains, and specialty sugars from around the world, it’s a beast of a beer!
Mad Fox
Wee Heavy Ale
A Strong Scotch Ale. This very full-bodied, dark rich brew with a deep sweet malt character possess hints of toffee, plums and currants. Lightly hopped with the English hop varietal, First Gold. This is a big beer with plenty of malt sweetness.
Red Ale
Red ale brewed with caramel malts and balanced with a bold bright blend of Crystal, Cascade and Simcoe Hops. A big beer you won’t soon forget!
Marshall Wharf Brewing Company
Big Twitch IPA
Described as a lighter IPA, citrusy, fruity aroma. The taste is citrusy then the bitterness from the hops comes through. Very drinkable for a 9% beer.
Martha's Exchange
The Three Headed Jurpa
Three New England Brewers collaborated on this Juniper Rye pale ale. Hopped with Liberty, Simcoe and Amarillo. Infused with Juniper Berries. Spicy and bracing with a nice hop/malt fade.
Mayflower Brewing Co
Mayflower Porter
This complex brew is smooth and full-flavoured with notes of roasted coffee beans and bittersweet chocolate that will warm the palate all year long.
Tricerahops Double IPA
Earthy and floral hop aroma and flavour are abundant in Tricerahops. The bigger body and higher alcohol balance the large volume of hops to create a beer that is very flavourful while still being balanced and drinkable. At 8.8% the beer can be deceiving as it is very smooth.
Notch Brewing
Heather Ale
Combines the malt profile of a Scottish Ale with the hop flavour of a British Bitter and balances these elements with a background of Heather aroma and flavour. A pound of heather per barrel was used in the brewing of the beer, but the Heather provides a subtle complexity. Heather provides a balance to the Amber malt roast, and the herbal flavour of  heather balances with the British hop flavour.
Oliver Breweries
Strongman Pale Ale (Single Hop Sorachi Ace)
A bold, assertive pale ale, generously hopped with Sorachi Ace but with a firm malt backbone for balance. Dry hopped in cask with Sorachi Ace.
Oskar Blues
Dale's Pale Ale
A huge hopped mutha with a hoppy nose and assertive-but-balanced flavours of pale malts and hops from start to finish. This special batch has a little twist however - Dry-hopped with Centennial.
Pelican Pub & Brewery
Ankle-Buster Ale
With a herbal hop character, fruity/spicy Belgian yeast aromas, toasty and caramel-like malt flavour, and a clean, dry finish, Ankle-Buster carves its own path to refreshing, flavourful beer.
Port Brewing Company
Wipeout IPA
A true west coast style IPA featuring Centennial, Amarillo and Columbus hops.
Port Brewing Company
Wipeout IPA with Cascade
A true west coast style IPA featuring Centennial, Amarillo and Columbus hops. Dry-hopped with Cascade.
Ginga Ninja
A "ginger" in every sense of the word! An American red IPA that has the addition of real, freshly shredded ginger to spice it up a wee bit! This firkin was dry-hopped with El Dorado a new, high alpha hop.
Raven Beer
Special Lager
An amber German style lager, brewed in honour of Baltimore's literary genius, Edgar Allan Poe.
Longhammer IPA
The generous addition of hops both during and at the end of the fermentation process (dry-hopping) gives this India Pale Ale its characteristic bitterness and piney citrus aroma and flavour. The medium body, crisp finish, and moderate alcohol and IBU levels makes this one of America’s most drinkable and best-selling IPAs.
22 Ale
Belgian golden with a bubble gum ester aroma and crisp hoppy finish.
Brutal IPA
An imperial bitter style using exotic traditional floor malts, citrus hoppy flavour, stupendous hop aroma. Full-bodied, deeply flavoured, intensely hoppy brew. There is nothing brutal about the rich, deep, mellow taste. Its crackling but not sharp.
Above and beyond an India Pale Ale—I2PA is radically hopped with an intense aroma and hop bitterness.
Mocha Porter
Ruddy brown in colour, this beer has a bittersweet balance of malt and hops. A medium body of roasted coffee, cocoa, citrus and vanilla gives way to an espresso finish.
Smoke Ale
A top fermented German style Smoke beer has an orange-amber colour with a delicate smoke aroma and flavour with an intense hop finish.
Salmon Creek
Oatus The Red
Like an Irish Red, except this red is made with oatmeal! High alcohol, with medium hoppiness. Smooth tasting, a little creamy with a clean finish.
Santa Fe
State Pen Porter
Flavourful, the aroma is swimming with notes of nuts and chocolate. The flavour is more of the same and also dark fruits. It is a fantastic porter and very drinkable.
Sierra Nevada
Pale Ale
This beer has a deep amber colour and an exceptionally full-bodied, complex character. Generous quantities of hops give the Pale Ale its fragrant bouquet and spicy flavour.
Sierra Nevada
Dark and rich, Sierra Nevada Porter is a delicious, medium-bodied ale with a creamy head. The Porter's smooth flavour (malty with hints of caramel) comes from a blend of deep-roasted barley malts. IBUs: 40
Sierra Nevada
Torpedo Extra IPA
This is a big American IPA, bold and assertive and full of flavours and aromas highlighting the complex citrus, pine and herbal character of whole-cone American hops.
A crisp and dry double IPA.  Bursting with flavour while being tastefully hopped as to not kill the palate.
A very unique smoked India Pale Ale.  The perfect balance of bitter, fruity hops and German beech smoked malt.
Modus Hoperandi (American IPA)
A mix of citrus and pine that will remind you of that time you went on a vision quest with your Native American cousin and woke up in a pine grove of grapefruit trees.
Inaugural Michael Jackson Award winner at the 2010 GBBF, Big A is incredibly hoppy yet still maintains a decent balance. A simple malt bill of North American 2-Row and British Pale Ale Malt provides a perfect foil for heaps of Magnum, Cascade, Bravo, CTZ, Nugget and Glacier hops. This firkin is dry-hopped with a mystery hop blend.
This limited release, short batch beer is a Black IPA brewed in memory of Greg Noonan, founder of the Vermont Pub and Brewery and Russell Scherer Award winner. The VPB created the first documented black IPA in the mid 90's, so we've brewed this beer as a tribute to a true craft brewing pioneer. This firkin was dry-hopped with a blend of hops called Falconer's flight.
St George
Nut Brown Ale
This is a classic tavern-style brown ale with flavours reminiscent of biscuit and caramel. Mildly hopped, light brown in colour with a thick, creamy head.
Starr Hill
Double Platinum
Imperial India Pale Ale.
Stillwater Artisanal Ales
Cellar Door
Starting with a base of German wheat & pale malts this crisp slightly hazy foundation was then accented with a blend of Sterling & Citra hops providing a intricate blend of herbal grass & tangerine citrus flavours and aroma.
Smoked Porter with Chipotle Peppers
Brewed with English Chocolate Malt and a touch of Scottish Peated malt. Chipotle (Smoked Jalapeno) peppers are then added for a nice bit of heat on the finish.
So Cal Hop Salute Imperial Black IPA
Stone's version of an Imperial Black IPA is brewed with several crystal and dark malts. It is hopped with Columbus and Citra hops in the brewhouse then is dry-hopped with a blend of UK Target and German Herkules for a unique hop profile!
India Pale Ale (UK)
Traditional UK-style IPA. Kettle hopped with Target, Northern Brewer and EKG. Dry-hopped with Sovereign. Complex malt profile supporting an assertive bitterness.
India Pale Ale (US)
The same wort as the UK-style IPA but dry-hopped with the new US hop El Dorado. Aggressive aromas of pine and citrus dominate.
SweetWater Brewing Company
Ol Faithfull
IPA dry hopped with Centennial and Amarillo hops in the firkin.
SweetWater Brewing Company
Top of the Morning
Brown Ale with raspberries, instant hot chocolate (with mini marshmallows), and a hint of Amarillo Hops.
Sweetwater Tavern
GAR Pale Ale
A copper coloured ESB-style beer. Rich rounded malt flavour balanced with a combined English and American hop character.
The Terrapin Hopsecutioner is an American I.P.A. Brewed with 6 types of hops including Cascade for dry hopping.  An extra handful of Amarillo hops were added to this cask for a more pronounced hop aroma.
The Prodigal Brewery at Misty Mountain Farm
Brewin' Black and Gold
A blend of our Baltic Porter and Munich Helles yields a hearty yet drinkable amber lager which retains the roasty character of a brown porter and the smooth maltiness of a lager.
Hop Strike
A Black Rye IPA. IPA style hopping with the addition of Black Rye for a unique grain profile.
Tullycross Tavern
The “Noonan”
Sweet, malty scotch-style ale with hints of smoke.
Turtle Mountain
Audit IPA
An aggressive IPA, super hoppy! With Magnum hops for bittering & Amarillo hops for flavour & aroma, you're gonna fall in love with this aggressive IPA.90 IBUs.
Vintage 50
Revolution Porter
Robust Porter using English base and crystal malts, and Bavarian chocolate malt. Hopped with English Goldings.
Walking Man
Knuckle Dragger
A strong Pale Ale with a piney, resiny aroma. Big, hoppy flavour with citrus notes balanced by a nice biscuity maltiness.
Walking Man
Walking Stick Stout
A big, rich oatmeal stout. Roasted barley and chocolate malts provide espresso-like bitterness while the oatmeal contributes smoothness and mouthfeel.
White Marsh
Modelled after traditional Dusseldorf Alt biers. The beer has a clean malt aroma and flavour with a hint of hops in the finish.
Widmer Brothers
Okto Festival Ale
Loosen your lederhosen. This full-bodied OKTO Festival Ale is inspired by Bavarian Oktoberfest, and pays fitting tribute with its distinctive malt flavours, mild floral character and crisp clean finish.
Wild Heaven
Ode To Mercy
An Imperial Brown Ale brewed with Belgian Aromatic malts, coffee, and aged on french oak.
Anytown, USA A.S.B
An American special bitter featuring Ahtanum hops. Light and crisp with a touch of honey in the finish.

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