Friday, 15 July 2011

the BSF bars and tounge in cheek analysis

Well Its been about 12 hours since i posted the beer list for the 4 BSF bars(see my previous posts) and a day and a half since i posted my Thoughts on BSF@GBBF.

So lets look at the page views
Clear out in the Lead is the NewWorld bar with 141 views, Just behind that is the Belgian and Dutch bar with 123 views, next is the USA cask bar(my top choice) with 107 views, trailing behind them comes my Views on BSF with 99 views but strugling to be interesting is the German and Czech bar with only 84 views.

So its clear that on the whole no one is interested in me, and that new world beers are almost twice as interesting as German and Czech beers. But the biggest surprise  for me was that Belgian and Dutch beers gathered more interest than US cask beers.

Im going to be mostly drinking US cask at GBBF and buying mostly New World beers to take home.

Just what do other people plan, or maybe tomorrow i can report how this blog entry only interest 1 man and his dog.


  1. Sorry, who are you again :-)

    A big fat pint of Green Flash West Coast IPA for me, if it happens to be ready for the trade sesh.

    Epic bottles and a pint or three of Ballast Point Sculptin would be good, too.

  2. The Green Flash west coast i actively disliked :-) the Scuuptin was ok though, and im definitely wanting the Epic beers and i love the fact ones called Thornbridge stout