Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Solar Sister

After looking into the Solar Panels and getting them fitted, it was just a short Step to talking my sister into installing panels, as they clearly made financial sense.

So my sister used the Same Company "Eco Sun Power" had just a smooth installation as myself and is just as happy with her system as i am with mine.

Having a smaller roof she only got a 2.65Kw system (as opposed to my 3.65kw system)

Comparing  the past 2 months, My sister got 364 units to my 514 units (with expected of 259 and 395) for May and again my sister got 329 to my 417 units (with expected 246 and 381)
So it can be seen that both of us exceeded the Estimates, which is all very good.

In May and June my sister recieved about 72% of what i recieved (which you would expect for the difference in system size with any difference easily explained by different weather conditions.)

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