Friday, 1 July 2011

And this months Solar results are June

or is that Due in.

Once again the Solar results exceeded the prediction, all be it only by 10% this month. I expected 381 units and got 417. Producing £200 pounds this month. 
Overall i am 23% above the expected for the year and so far im looking at having produced  an extra 335 units which equates to a extra profit of £160 for the year so far.

The lowest day was the 27th when i only got 2.7 units and the highest was the 14th when i got 22 units.
Oddly the 2nd highest day of 21 units was the 28. Meaning that the switch for the 27th to 28th showed the biggest change since records began.


  1. just back read all the solar posts, very interesting stuff.

  2. Cheers, Ive been real pleased with the installation, and it looks to be a great investment in the long term.